Monday through Friday 12:00-1:30 $60 per week Ages 6-10 years

June 3-7: Space

Students will create using paper, paint and clay on a variety of surfaces.  Each day will bring a different focus or activity using space as our theme and end with a group discussion of what was created.

June 10-14: Unicorns and other Magical Creatures

The day begins with a story and discussion of magical creatures.  We will make observations and create using a variety of media that represents our magical creatures.  We will then share with the group what was created along with the special qualities of each.

June 17-21: Horses

This week will begin with a look at horses as we discuss color and texture as we create some of our favorites.  Arts and crafts activities will include painting, collage and more. Each day will include a draw along as we learn the anatomy of the horse.  Horse readings will be shared while we work.

June 24-28: Mosaics

Students will begin with a look at mosaics in art.  We will work through the preparation and apply mosaics to a variety of surfaces using paper, seeds, stones and tile.

July 8-12: Story Stones

The week will begin with stories about some of our classic children's books.  We will create using rocks as a surface to tell a story.  Different techniques for the stones will be used and students will use a variety of media to paint on this week.

July 15-19: Camping Fun

Who doesn't love camping?  This week will bring us our favorite camping art activities as we read and sing to some of our favorite camp songs.  The week will include drawing nature, both wildlife and trees.  Collage and mixed media activities will support our favorite stories and songs.

July 22-26: Master Painter's

This week begins with the classic slide show of the great Master's.  Each day will include a project where we paint or collage in a style similar to Matisse, Pollack, Kandinsky and others.  Students will explore Pointillism and abstract art.

July 29- August 2: Tie Dye and Batik

Students will begin the week with exploring primary colors as they work to practice tie dye and batik on t-shirts and fabric.  Students will need to bring a plain white t-shirt in their size on the first day of class.

Summer Camps at The Dragonfly Art for Life

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